GeekDad Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hacking the Holidays

Geeks need love too, whether male or female. In the hopes of spreading a little goodwill among the geeky masses, we’ve come up with some gift ideas. Note that most of the ideas presented here are for Mrs. Geek. If you’re Mrs. Geek and need a present for your dude, I’d suggest our awesome holiday gift guides from last December.

(By the way, fellas, if you have any doubt whatsoever, a dozen red roses will almost certainly take care of business.)

ElementcaseElementcaseValentine’s Day Element Case
These crazy-cool cases protect your phone, have an awesome, unique look and can be laser-cut with your own design. Element’s Valentine’s Day cases come in an edition of only 100 numbered units, of which ten have been reserved for GeekDad readers. (When you order, make sure to let ’em know who sent you so you can get one!) The case comes with two faceplates that can be engraved with a sweet nothing for your sweetie. Read our review or buy from (The company asks that you order by February 4th to ensure time to engrave ad ship.)

Heart_hand_warmerHeart_hand_warmerHeart Hand Warmer
Nothing warms the heart like… uh, triggering a chemical reaction! Bend the metal disk in the heart-shaped gel pack and the ooze turns opaque and emits luxurious heat! (My wife snatched it out of my hand just now.) Just boil it to reset it to gel form. Yes, it really works. Yes, it’s super cool. Buy it from

MimobotMimobotMimobot Valentine’s Day Flash Drive
Mimobot flash drives are the coolest on the market. The “Pink Meletta” drive, designed by Simone Legno of tokidoki, has the Valentine’s cred and cool style to wow your sweetie. Buy from

USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner
I don’t know about your cube farm, but mine frowns on lit incense and Glade bombs. This little burner offers a subtle way to get some aromatherapy without giving your coworkers a case of the Mondays. Put one drop of aromatic oil on the X and plug it in, and let the lavender scent envelop you. Buy it from

B561_binary_love_babydollB561_binary_love_babydollBinary Heart T-Shirt
Of course, I don’t need to tell you this particular string of 1s and 0s spells out “love”. Buy it from ThinkGeek: unisex or baby doll.

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek
This book’s for the ladies. Care and feeding of the geek in your life, with topics including gaming, exercise, getting what you want, and avenging geekly wrongs. Buy it from

A941_beating_heart_pillowA941_beating_heart_pillowBeating Heart Stress Relief Pillow
Nothing relaxes like clutching an oversized, plush human organ that emits a low heartbeat-like pulsation. The heartbeat is subtly different every time you turn it on and algorithmically changes as you use it, lulling you into a meditative torpor as your heartbeat adapts to the pillow’s pattern. Plus, you get a hug! Buy it from

8bit_dynamic_life8bit_dynamic_life8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt
Buy a pair of these shirts and when they come within 5 meter of each other, the hearts light up. Awww!!! Buy from

I (Love) My Geek T-Shirt
A shirt like this needs no explanation! Show your sweetie how you feel. Buy it from unisex and babydoll.

Not everyone has someone special to share VD with. For those feeling sardonic about the holiday, check out these awesome candy hearts, emblazoned with heart-warming odes to love like TABLE FOR 1, RATHER DRINK and USED U 4 FUN. Comes in Dejected, Dysfunctional and Dumped varieties. Buy them from

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