If you play Dungeons & Dragons, you probably know what it is about the game that draws you in. It could be the combat or the puzzle solving or maybe it’s just the social aspect of the game. Or it could be any of a thousand other good reasons why you enjoy D&D. You may never have given any thought to the benefits of playing D&D, but writer and former GeekDad contributor Ethan Gilsdorf has thought about it. A lot.

In a recent independent TEDx talk, Ethan shared his thoughts on playing D&D… and why everyone should be playing D&D. In a talk titled “Why Dungeons & Dragons┬áIs Good for You (In Real Life),” Ethan shares a brief overview of D&D and how it works while getting very personal and sharing some bits and pieces about his childhood. I think many of us have our own “D&D changed my life” (or even “D&D saved my life”) moments we could share, and Ethan’s trip down memory lane sparked a few of my own memories from those early ’80s table gatherings.

Ethan wraps up the talk by offering five lessons can help you “combat the perils and challenges of reality and help you become a better person in the real world.”

Give it a watch–just over 20 minutes it length, it’s a perfect video to maybe also share with a spouse or co-worker or friend who doesn’t know what D&D is or how it’s played. (You might also want to check out Ethan’s book, Fantasy Freaks & Gaming Geeks–read a review here.)