Make-A-Wish Makes a Castle


The castle from afar (Photo: WMUR).

So what if the expression is a cliché? For one small-town kid suffering from a disease, dreams — even medieval-themed dreams of knighthood, chivalry and adventure — do come true.

As reported by WMUR, a New Hampshire TV station, a 12-year-old boy with a rare disease called desmoid fibromatosis was made king of his domain this week.

Surveying his domain: A kid's castle is his home. (photo: WMUR)

The back yard of his house in a small N.H. town called Epping now includes a castle.

For some five years, David Morasco has been fighting the disease, which causes abdominal tumors that can grow into and even destroy adjacent tissue, organs and bones, and are often treated with chemotherapy.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire made his day — and possibly his life — when it pulled out all the stops to create this impressive and possibly impenetrable gift.

As it turns out, the project happened to be the foundation’s 1,000th wish granted to a N.H. kid. Not bad.

King David. (Photo: WMUR)

“It’s mind-blowing,” the 7th grader was quoted as saying. “It’s more than I could have imagined.”

The 24 foot by 24 foot formidable fortress, which took several months to build, has many of the features you’d want your real or fantasy castle to include: heavy double doors; crenelations, or battlements, at the top of a curtain wall (made of wood); four towers; staircases; a courtyard; two rooms; and a great hall. A catwalk behind the merlons winds around the structure. It’s even made of stone (stone facing, anyway).

The unveiling was a big enough deal to attract N.H. Gov. John Lynch, who showed up, took a tour and stayed around for castle-shaped cake. (Coincidentally, young Morasco lived in the town adjacent to where I grew up, Lee.)

Lord of all he surveys! (Photo: WMUR)

“The anticipation of all this when he’s been through the dark periods, this is just something that’s really raised his spirits so much,” said David’s father, Mike Morasco.

As for King David, he told the TV cameras, “I’ve already started planning wars and parties and stuff.”

Go David. And get out there and slay that dragon.

More information and a video and slideshow here.

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