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GBBP 117: Katee Sackhoff

GBBP 117: Katee Sackhoff

Our guest this week needs no introduction. Though she had been working for years before, Katee Sackhoff rose to stardom as Starbuck on the rebooted ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and quickly became the centerpiece of that show. Read More


Sci-Fi, Where Are You?

Several years ago we ditched cable because it seemed we were getting more reality shows than anything else and paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege. Instead we stream the shows we want to see and even paying by the episode for a few still puts us ahead of our old cable bill. Usually, we… Read More

Get Your Geek On With A New Set of Action Figures

Bif Bang Pow!, the company that brought us the 2010 SDCC Exclusive Henchman 21 figure, have teamed up with NBCUniversal Television for their next line. Based on Battlestar Galactica — the classic, not the new series — they will produce bobbleheads and articulated action figures in the “Mego” style, pictured above, that was popular in… Read More

Give Geeks a Chance

Not every person that calls themselves a Nerd or a Geek has been an outcast. We weren’t all the last one picked for the team in gym or the only one without a date to the big dance. We didn’t all wear thick black glasses held together with tape, or play video games, or read… Read More