Seattle Pub Crawl Today With Aaron 'Chief Tyrol' Douglas


aarondouglasAaron Douglas, best known as Chief Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica, will be in Seattle this weekend, and he is doing it in style for the fans by hosting a pub crawl all day and night.

Apparently there is a BSG convention happening in Seattle this weekend. The fact that I didn’t know about it until now should say something about how it’s been run. There has been a large kerfuffle on his social media over the past couple of days as the con “uninvited” many of its celebrity guests, mostly those from the newer BSG show. Many fans have been, in my opinion rightly, angered and upset by this turn of events as tickets, flights, and hotels were long ago purchased and are non-refundable.

Aaron Douglas has been fighting the good fight for the fans though. In a Facebook post he laid out all the cards on the table to help dispel a lot of the rumors and false information floating around. I wont get into the details of what’s happened, but you can read Douglas’ take. Because he, like many fans, had already gone out of his way to come to the convention, Douglas decided to make good out of bad. He booked his own hotel and started reaching out to local bars to set up a pub crawl for all his fans.

The pub crawl will start around noon at The Pike Brewing Company and will move from place to place all night long. Douglas will be giving out free autographs and photos, will have a raffle of some of his personal BSG memorabilia, and will be collecting donations for his favorite charities. This is how an actor who has played such an important character does right by his fans!

I’ll be hitting up The Pike around noon to share a beer with Douglas. If you’re going to be in the Seattle area, even if you came for the convention, join us. So say we all!

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