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Eric Chu's killer Cylon Centurion concept art Eric Chu's killer Cylon Centurion concept art

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion concept by Eric Chu (used with permission).

When M-Edge invited me to try out their new MyEdge customized protective jacket, I was on board like that. I like dressing my gadgets up to make them a little unique when I can: wood, skins, whatever. However, there is one image I had in mind when it came to an e-reader cover, courtesy of Eric Chu. If you don’t recognize Eric by name, you’ll surely know him by his body of work, which just happens to include the conceptual art for a little show called Battlestar Galactica. The 2004 version. I contacted Eric (always respect copyright, kids) and, with his permission, used this image to create my custom MyEdge jacket.

The process is very easy. Find your way to the MyEdge design page. Pick a device (current offerings are iPad 1 & 2, Nook, and Kindle 2 & 3). Add your image to the canvas you’ll be presented with (you can easily resize the image), then pick a spine color and add text if you’d like. You can add solid colors and patterns as well. There is a button to preview your jacket from multiple views and that’s it. Approve your final design and order. A Help section and an instruction video are available, if needed. It took me all of five minutes (it would have been less, but I was playing around with colors) and about a week later, a spiffy e-reader jacket showed up at the front door.

The jackets are made of 100% cotton canvas with a leather spine. The only fault I can find with the jacket itself is that it’s an open style with no clasp; if you drop it while carrying it, your device could be damaged if the cover opens and it lands display down. It’s pretty good for the price (especially considering the degree of customization available), but a clasp would really seal the deal. Priced from $40 (Kindle and Nook) to $50 (iPad).

MyEdge e-book hjack, sporting jaunty Cylon courtesy of Eric ChuMyEdge e-book hjack, sporting jaunty Cylon courtesy of Eric Chu

MyEdge Jacket from M-Edge, customized with Eric Chu Cylon artwork

Disclosure: M-Edge provided a MyEdge case for review purposes.

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