Go, Go, Gadget … Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride gadgetsJetpack Joyride gadgets

Introducing the Gadgets shop: Insta-ball, X-Ray Specs and Flying Pig, and Magnetic Tokens.

In case you missed it, there’s been a hefty new update to Jetpack Joyride which introduces a new Gadget store. For a couple thousand coins each, you can buy things like the X-Ray Specs, which let you see what’s inside those vehicle pickups, or the Ezy-Dodge Missiles, which are slower than the regular ones. The best part? The iOS app is still free, so you can try it out without spending a dime.

You can equip up to two gadgets at a time, and there are fifteen in all:

  • Air Barrys — get a quick boost off the ground when you jump
  • Nerd Repellent — turns the lab into a ghost town, free of scientists
  • Insta-Ball — puts Barry in a plastic globe that bounces a little farther when he dies
  • Gravity Belt — makes you land faster
  • Missile Jammer — missiles fizzle and pop before they hit you
  • Token Gift — a free spin token appears right when you start each game
  • Freeze-O-Matic — Barry turns into an ice cube and slides a ways when he dies
  • X-Ray Specs — see when vehicle pickups are coming, and what’s inside them
  • Gemology — turns some coins into high-value gems
  • Ezy-Dodge Missiles — slows down missiles
  • Magnetic Tokens — spin tokens are easier to collect
  • Flying Pig — an airborne piggy bank appears occasionally; hit it and coins fly everywhere
  • Free Ride — start the game with a random vehicle
  • Coin Magnet — no vehicle required!
  • Lucky Last — your last spin token is a guaranteed match

The gadgets are listed in groups of three, and you have to purchase at least two from a section before the next one is unlocked. They’ll definitely help you spend your money a lot faster, but several of them will help you earn money more quickly, too. I’m personally fond of the Gemology/Coin Magnet combo, but the Air Barrys/Gravity Belt is also a good bet for making Barry maneuver much more quickly.

And the Flying Pig is just hilarious.

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