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Recently, a number of users over at the GeekDad community got together to write a geeky poem, just one of the fun things going on over at the GeekDad Community. After the poem was begun, each message board poet finished the previous line of a couplet, wrote his own pair, then left the beginning of another for the next participant. The result was not only a really fun exercise, but the finished poem was actually pretty darn good:

When I was younger, I felt a bit outcast,
I had strange hobbies and was always picked last.

My style was my own, it was hard to describe
I did what I wanted, I had my own vibe.

I liked to be different, never followed the herd,
To be just like others was simply absurd

My tastes were alternative, in music and clothes,
You’d not see me joining the Preppies, by Jove!

Neither polo nor Dockers nor loafers I’d wear
No product named after desserts in my hair

I preferred gaming to sports when it came to have fun
(Excepting, of course, Wrigley’s bleachers, out in the sun.)

Hold on just one moment. What am I doing?
Poems are flowing. From me it is spewing.

If I thrive on difference, why do I conform?
It’s the sheeple upon whom I lay all my scorn.

Ugh, did I really just use the word “sheeple”?
Could it be true? Am I just one of the people

Who sit on the sidelines and scoff at the rest
Who refuse to believe they’ve become self-obsessed?

If so, does that make me a snob or just a geek?
Either way it’s clear that I’m hardly unique.

Can being a nonconformist be how I conform?
Have our tastes become part of society’s norm?

And if so, why should we decry it a loss
That we’re no longer looked at like Urkel or Moss?

I say, “Rejoice!” that our numbers are swelling.
In some states there’s a geek in every dwelling.

Who’s to say our culture has gone to heck
When everyone knows it’s Star Wars, not Trek.

When robots rise up to conquer the world,
And march against Mankind with their flags unfurled,

All will seem lost until global leaders seek
The ever-present yet unassuming geek.

Armed with laptop, keyboard, smart phone, and mouse
One cry will ring out from e-ve-ry house:

“We’ll handle the robots and handle them fast
Because geeks rule the world – no longer outcasts!”

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