Review: Sculpted Eers Custom Molded Earphones


My wife is a musicophile. There is always music playing in our home. My three year-old daughter sings nursery rhymes and the White Stripes regularly. My wife’s iPod and iTunes library is assigned in our will to their own executor. So when the chance to try out some custom molded earphones came along, they already had her name on them.

We received a pair of Sculpted Eers Custom Molded Earphones a couple of weeks ago. At first glance, I could not believe that a pair of ear buds had a package that weighed so much. Come to find out, all that weight is the custom molding system that is included. As you can see in the snapshot below, it is a wearable rig that holds the headphones correctly in the ear while injecting pressurized liquid silicone into the earpiece.

As you can probably guess, this process makes a one-of-a-kind pair of earphones that fit the wearer perfectly. Now you are probably thinking that this is great and all, but what about the sound? The sound is phenomenal. Of course you would expect great sound from a set of earphones that are in the $199 and up range. The earphones are so perfectly tuned to your own ears that it is like plugging the source of your music directly into your brain. They also have a natural external noise canceling feature due to the fact that they completely close off the ear canal. This also allows the wearer to hear the music clearly without having the sound volume cranked up – all you hear is the music. My wife uses them while vacuuming, on the treadmill and while blocking out Caillou or Spongebob. I personally would not recommend wearing these while you need to be aware of your surroundings such as jogging, driving or performing surgery.

To learn more about Sculpted Eers Custom Molded Earphones click here.

Watch my video below of me opening and fitting these to my wife’s head. Very simple to do and very neat!

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