‘Battlestar Galactica’ Charity Event Success

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BSG-ThreeKatee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica, and Kurt Yaegar and Chris Reed from Sons of Anarchy, were in attendance for the annual Tulip Ride and BSG screening this past weekend. The event raised over $40,000 for The Humane Society for Seattle/King County.

BSG-iPicMenuFor fans who like to get autographs or photo-ops with celebrities, you’re probably used to paying $40+ PER guest at a convention. This event was $50 for the opportunity to get autographs and photos with four celebrities. Just for that alone, it was a really great deal if you’re a fan of either BSG or Sons of Anarchy. iPic Theaters also had out a great spread of free coffee, tea, and continental breakfast, but they also had a special breakfast menu that attendees could add-on.

BSG-AutographsI didn’t bring any memorabilia to get signed so I opted for the next best thing–my GeekDad business cards. I think using these perfectly captured the moment.

BSG-iPicPhotoAfter the screening, your guest photo was ready and waiting for you to grab. Talk about quick service! When they took the photo they had mentioned it would be available online so having an actual print was a nice surprise.

BSG-IpicIn addition to meeting Sackhoff, Helfer, Yaegar, and Reed, we also got to watch two episodes of BSG, “33” and “Downloaded,” in the amazingly comfortable theater. Seeing BSG on the big screen was simply amazing. Even though I’ve watched the entire series multiple times, I caught things in these two episodes I’d never noticed before. There is definitely something to be said for seeing great TV on the big screen.

BSG-FourIn between episodes, all four stars went up to the front of the theater and thanked everyone for coming and helping them raise money for the Humane Society. All four of them have rescue pets, and Helfer admitted to us all just how many cats she has, but then Sackhoff made us all promise not to tell. Just know that it’s a lot more than you’d probably think.

BSG-KateeAndMeIt was such a privilege to meet Sackhoff and Helfer. They were both so genuinely kind and sweet. I definitely plan to attend the screening again next year. What was really amazing, though, is the sense of camaraderie I got hanging around them and the VIPs who also attended the dinner the night before. It really felt like they spent the time to meet and hang out with their fans.

BSG-TriciaAndMeAnybody who is near to or travels to the Seattle area who is also a BSG fan would be remiss to not attend this annual event. I will make sure to remind you all when we get closer next year.

Disclaimer: I was given free admission to this event.

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