Grab Some Accessories and Lock In Game Table Savings During the Final Days of the Origins Season 2 Kickstarter Campaign

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While it’s too late to grab one of those Early Bird discounts on an Origins Game Table or new Gaming Coffee Table I told you about last month, you can still save an amazing 25% off the MSRP of one of those tables while the Origins Season 2 Kickstarter campaign is running. However, time is almost up to take advantage of those savings, as the campaign ends on Thursday, April 28th.

But it’s not just the tables themselves that are available. Game Theory Tables have introduced a number of new items for use with the tables.

New Neoprene Game Mats

Several new designs have been unlocked during the campaign. These 5×3 game mats are compatible with both the Origins Game Table and the Expansion Top on the Game Coffee Table. The MSRP is $99, but you can get them for $75 during the Kickstarter. You can see them below:

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New Origins Accessories

All of these accessories are solid Ash wood and color-matched to your Origins Game Table.

First up are the Card Holders. These are sold in packs of 2. The MSRP is $45, but during the Kickstarter, you can get them for $33.

The solid Ash card holder. Image by Game Theory Tables.

To help protect your fellow players from inadvertently (or not so inadvertently) peeking at your cards, there are Player Guards. These are also sold in packs of 2, with an MSRP of $65 but Kickstarter pricing of $49.

The Player Guard, to help shield your cards from nosy neighbors. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The Privacy Shelf locks into the integrated leg column of the Origins Game Table and can hold and shield cards and game pieces from other players. Additionally, there’s room on the top of the shelf to place rule and reference books. These are available for $55, while the MSRP is $75.

The Privacy Shelf, which will rest securely at the corners of the game table. Image by Game Theory Tables.

Finally, there is a Miniature Workstation that, like the Privacy Shelf, can lock into one of the leg caps of the Origins Game Table. There are two removable magnetic trays on the workstation.

The Miniature Workstation, ready for use. Image by Game Theory Tables.

Leg Raisers

Game Theory Tables has created adjustable height Leg Raisers for both the Origins Game Table and Game Coffee Table. As you can see, you can raise either table as high as bar height with the Leg Raisers.

The Origin Game Table leg raisers. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The campaign just hit $400k as of the time of this writing, so the Leg Raisers are now unlocked.

Leg Raisers for the coffee table. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The Future of the Origins Season 2 Kickstarter Campaign

With less than a week to go in the campaign, there are still some more potential unlocks including:

  • A new table color choice
  • A new, user-voted accessory
  • More game mat designs

If the campaign hits $700K, then an LED Origins Game Table will become available to purchase. And should the campaign reach $1 Million, then each backer will get a $100 credit loaded into their pledge manager account.

So whether you’re just hearing about the Origins Game Table for the first time or you’ve been thinking about getting one since I originally reviewed it back in 2020, now is a great time to pick up a game table. Not only will you be saving a lot of money on your purchase, but you’ll likely be gaming on your Origins table before the year is out.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit the Origins Season 2 Kickstarter page!

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