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Playing ‘Scythe’ on the Origins Table. Image by BBO.

Looking for a table for your game room that’s stylish, sturdy, and affordable? The Origins Game Table may be just what you’re looking for.


As both a board game enthusiast and reviewer, one of the things at the top of my wishlist for a long time has been a dedicated game table. For too long, I’ve gamed on awkwardly-sized plastic picnic tables, and often struggle to fit some of my larger games onto those tables. Or I’ve used dining room tables, which are roomy enough…but what do you do when you’re in the middle of a game and want to break for dinner?

And then there’s the issue of cost. The price of a solidly-constructed board game table can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Just for fun, I priced a table out at one particular artisan manufacturer (that shall remain nameless), and after choosing a high-end wood and several accessories, the purchase price on that table was over $10,000. That’s just a little past my pay grade.

There’s also the option of building a table, which can be an affordable solution. But without woodworking skills, tools, or the spare time, this was an exceedingly unlikely proposition for me personally.

I needed to find a table that could accommodate the wide variety of games that I play, have the features that I was looking for, and be well-made and attractive, while still coming in at an affordable price. Wishful thinking?

Enter the Origins Game Table

A collaboration between Panda Games and BBO Poker Tables, the Origins Game Table is the first offering in their “Game Theory Tables” line. BBO has long been known for their quality poker tables, and is the official table of the World Poker Tour. According to George Chao, owner of BBO Poker Tables, they set out to make a table that was the perfect balance of features, quality, and cost. Have they pulled that off? Read on…

The Origins Game Table

The Origins Game Table is made out of Solid Ash Wood, and is available in three different finishes: mahogany, graystone, and black. It comfortably seats 6-10 people, and includes 8 dedicated cupholders. There is a 4″ vaulted play area, with twelve recessed areas surrounding the table to hold cards, tokens, and other game pieces. The play surface is just over 5′ x 3′.

There are several options for the play surface itself. According to George, Panda Gaming are currently designing stitched neoprene mats, which will become the default play surface and be available in multiple patterns. You will also be able to upgrade to the gaming suede fabric that can be seen on my table. Not only can you choose several patterns with that, but you can also work with the BBO graphic designers to create a custom playing surface.

There are two optional purchases for the Origins Game Table. You can get a matching 4-leaf, spill-resistant dining top, which is 6′ x 4′. You can also get a set of mounted USB smart charging stations, so your friends and family can charge their phones and devices while they play or dine.

Assembling the Table

The table as it showed up at my house. Image by Paul Benson.

As you can see, your Origins Game Table arrives in two boxes: one carrying the table legs, and the other the table itself. The four legs, assembly instructions, and hardware are packed together, with foam inserts surrounding the plastic-wrapped legs on all sides:

Unpacking the table legs. Image by Paul Benson.

The tabletop is also extremely well-protected for transport. There is packing foam on the tops and sides of the table, as well as plywood lining the cardboard box to ensure that your table arrives in the same condition it leaves the warehouse:

Opening the tabletop box. Image by Paul Benson.

And here’s my tabletop, under that top layer of foam. If you look closely, you can see the additional layers of foam and the plywood running all along the sides of the box.

The tabletop under its top layer of foam. Image by Paul Benson.

Once you’ve opened the boxes, assembly is pretty straightforward. An optional step you can take is to attach small risers to the bottoms of the legs. This provides clearance for charger cords to run out them, should you purchase the optional USB smart chargers. While I did not get the chargers, I decided to go ahead and attach the risers anyway, should I upgrade the table in the future.

Then it’s just a matter of bolting the legs onto the table. You do want to attach the “A” legs to the “A” spots on the table, as there are cellphone holders inside those legs and you want them at opposite ends of the table. Each leg has removable caps at the top, for easy access to both those cellphone holders, and to screw in the bolts.

Where a leg bolts onto a table corner. Image by Paul Benson.
The assembled table with risers. Image by Paul Benson.

I was able to get the legs attached solo, but assembling the table really is a 2-person job. Which I discovered when I was finished putting the table together, but had no way to turn it over by myself. Thankfully for me, BBO Poker Tables is located in the San Francisco East Bay near where I live, and BBO owner George Chao graciously helped me get the table upright and ready to game on!

George Chao and I, with the completed table. Image by Paul Benson.

Note: If you purchase a BBO table, George Chao will probably not come to your house to help you assemble your table. But I was certainly happy he was able to lend a hand!

The completed Origins Game Table. Image by Paul Benson.

The Origins Game Table – The Verdict

I’m in love with this table. It has a striking, elegant appearance, without overwhelming a room despite its size. And it is a solid piece of furniture, clocking in at 135 pounds. I feel like this table will be a part of my gaming experience for many years to come.

BBO Poker Tables and Panda Gaming made a lot of good choices with this table. Many other gaming companies have drink holders as optional purchases, but for anyone that’s suffered a spilled drink at their gaming table, they’re almost mandatory. And if someone still manages to tip over a drink, the gaming suede is water-resistant, so that moisture will bead up rather than soak into the fabric.  The play surface on my table also provides a nice bounce to dice rolling, and the 4″ vault all but guarantees that the dice stay on the table and off the floor.

The generous playing surface and recessed token holders provide a lot of options for different types of games. I’ve set a game of Cthulhu Wars up, which is a notorious table hog with its oversized map and playing pieces. Here’s a 4-player game, ready to go:

A game of ‘Cthulhu Wars.’ Image by Paul Benson.

As you can see, this huge game fits quite comfortably on the table. I could easily add a few more players, and it wouldn’t be crowded. Should I want to play a tabletop miniatures game such as Warhammer 40,000 or A Song of Ice and Fire, by adding the dining top I would have the standard battlefield size for most larger-scale wargames.

A dining top also allows your game table to double as your dining table. Thanks to the vaulted game space, all you have to do is cover the table with the dining top, eat your meal, then take the top off again and get back to your game.

OK, back to my wishlist.

Accommodate the wide variety of games that I play? Check.

Have the features that I was looking for? Check. 

Be well-made and attractive, while still coming in at an affordable price? It’s certainly a well-made and attractive piece of furniture. And the price of a basic Origins Game Table is only $2279, which for a table of this size, quality, and features, is very competitive.

But things are about to become even better. If you’re interested in getting an Origins Game Table of your own, beginning August 22nd I’m able to offer our readers a special affiliate discount of 40% off the purchase price! Suddenly, what was a good deal for a gaming table becomes a great deal. This offer will only be available for two months though, and to get the discount you must purchase the table through my discount link.

If you’ve been in the market for an affordable and versatile board game table, now is a good time to take a look at the Origins Game Table.

Note: BBO Poker Tables provided a table for evaluation, but had no input into the review. As an affiliate, I earn affiliate fees from qualified purchases.

More ‘Cthulhu Wars.’ Image by Paul Benson.

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