Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: The World of Coca-Cola

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Like any parent I want my kids to want to go to museums. I think “if they just wanted to go—imagine the culture they’d absorb!” Unfortunately, it never seems to work that way. Unless I trick them by taking them to a “non-typical” one (like when we went to the Museum of Popular Culture). That’s the case this week when we found ourselves at The World of Coca-Cola.

Now… I know what you’re saying. The World of Coca-Cola isn’t a museum per se. I can’t argue with that. At least when I took them to the Guinness Book of World Records museum it had “museum” in the title. The World of Coca-Cola… not so much.

But I think The World of Coca-Cola qualifies. There are exhibits. The kids learned things (mostly about advertising… but still culturally significant!). And at the end they got to drink Coke flavors from all over the world. It was a multicultural experience.

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