Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Museum of Pop Culture!

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This week we trek to Seattle and discover the Museum of Pop Culture! We didn’t even know the place existed when we got into town. After talking with a few locals, we quickly realized this was a place we needed to experience.

While there we took in the special Jim Henson Exhibit. I used that to introduce the kids to Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth. We were all introduced to this fantastic Muppet clip that I hadn’t seen before: Ragg Mopp.

An added bonus for the episode is a side story about getting hot dogs in the park before entering the museum. As parents, we often try and create fantastic experiences for our kids (like taking them to a great museum). Sometimes, however, it is a little thing that makes the biggest impact on their memory. When we sat down to record this episode I had forgotten all about that hot dog—and was amazed that it was a primary thing Anthony remembered from the day.

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