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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 33: Power Play

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In this edition of Radio Free Hipster, we look back on a number of classic tracks and also explore the new hotness in nerdcore, geek rock, and electronica. So, yeah, basically it’s like every other show. I assumed we had an understanding.

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00:45 EzLee – “Vain Mistake (The Clash vs. MC Lyte)”
04:17 Talking / Prom Queen – “STRANGER PEAKS
04:53 Mouth’s Cradle – “Computer” (content warning)
07:42 YTCracker – “Still DG (Tzadi Remix)” (content warning)
11:17 Sticks Downey – “I Am Going to Destroy You
15:08 Wordburglar – “Call Destro
18:54 Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! – “Thirst Trap” (content warning)
22:22 More talking / Prom Queen – “STRANGER PEAKS”
23:32 Amphibious – “Soothing Rain (Animal Crossing)
26:23 Ultraklystron – “Go Already
29:26 Snoot – “The Bridge Burners
33:18 Jesse Dangerously – “A Secret Gay Film on its 30th Birthday
37:27 Even more talking / Prom Queen – “STRANGER PEAKS”
39:49 MC Frontalot – “Gonna Be Your Man” (content warning)

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