GBBP 102: Cecil Baldwin

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 102: Cecil Baldwin

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Today on the show, we travel to that strangest of small desert towns, Night Vale. Cecil Baldwin is the narrator and voice of the community radio station, keeping us all up to date on the Sheriff’s Secret Police, the latest sightings of the glow cloud, the mysterious hooded figures, and the ever-changing roster of station interns. And the dog park. We don’t speak of the dog park.

“The only way to live without regrets is just to never regret anything you did. Regrets just bear us down.”

Seriously, if you’ve not listened to Welcome to Night Vale, then you need to fix that terrible oversight immediately. It’s podcast drama at its finest. And it’s incredibly entertaining. Quite honestly, though, I’d be a little surprised if you’ve never listened to it. It’s consistently one of the most downloaded and popular podcasts out there.

The show is presented in the style of news updates from a town where conspiracy theories are real and nothing is as it seems…and that’s the accepted status quo. No one questions the impossible in Night Vale. And Cecil Baldwin’s soothing voice is always right there, helping us navigate the madness.

On this episode, we have an amazing conversation with Cecil about building Night Vale from the ground up, getting addicted to a live audience, creating the character of Cecil, normalizing LGBTQ relationships, and coming out as HIV-positive. We really cover some ground here, so buckle up and enjoy!


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