'Ex Libris' Review: The Dice Section Podcast

‘Ex Libris’ Review: The Dice Section Podcast

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Ex Libris Review: The Dice Section Podcast

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We put together fantasy libraries in 2017’s Ex Libris from designer Adam McIver and Renegade Game Studios. And we return to the very first game we ever played for the podcast, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, and realize that we never really gave it the proper Dice Section treatment. Also: Arkham Horror: The Card Game and the Dunwich Legacy expansion has us firmly back in its slimy tentacled grasp! Oh no! (Oh yesssss.)

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4 thoughts on “‘Ex Libris’ Review: The Dice Section Podcast

  1. Star Fareres of CATAN did exist
    It didn’t have a long production run from what I can tell.

    My wife and I love Ex Libris. We haven’t seen the same level of impact from the gambling den as you guys talk of but we usually only play the two of us so that and the yard sale have less impact than with more players. The mummy is a great way to bury banned books and score them. The ghost power is great. We’ve realty enjoyed the special librarians. The location descriptions are outlined in more details in the rules as are the librarian powers. Over all good review.

    1. Heh, yeah. I looked it up before posting and immediately realized it. The benefit of editing the podcast instead of Geoff or Dave is that I can cut out the times I say incorrect or dumb stuff, but when they say it, I keep it in! Muahaha!

      I should have corrected him, because (according to my BoardGameGeek logged plays) I’ve actually played Starfarers. Must not have been very memorable!

      Regarding the Mummy’s power, I can see that ability being more powerful in head-to-head match. But I still don’t think the math bears out that it’s remotely as good as the Bookworm or the Wizard. It’d be a bummer, personally, to try to go head-to-head as the Mummy versus one of those two.

      1. I totally agree the Wizard and Bookworm are very powerful. But if you bury a card nearly every play you’re looking at around 20-30 free points on cards you may have trashed due to banded books / not fitting in (by mid game we both usually have a fist full of cards we can’t / don’t want to use unless the wishing well is a permanent location by then(that’s the one thing I think you guys missed was how one location always stays permanent from each round)). I agree anything that gets you more plays pays off fast. I think some of the other powers you have to be smarter about how you use them to get them to pay off. My wife was the witch recently and it really helped her but I agree that it could completely backfire for the whole game. But I really enjoyed the review and Glad you like the game overall.

    2. Dave has threatened to revoke my uncorrectable pedant card over this, and I think he’s right to do so. I’ve always enjoyed a nice game of Catan, but I may just hide in the future whenever it comes off the shelf.

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