Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ Has Me Hooked… and I’ve Got Questions

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While many of us anxiously wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things to arrive, Netflix has dropped something else in its lineup with which you may or may not be familiar. It’s called Glitch, and it’s an Australian production that offers up a slightly creepy and mysterious premise–a small town police officer discovers a small group of individuals have risen from the dead in the local cemetery. That’s all I’m going to tell you other than it’s not a show for everyone (especially kids)–strong language, sexual content, nudity, and violence. It’s not really a spoiler because it’s in the series description, but I will avoid any further discussion here and warn you away from reading any further because I’m going to share some of the questions I now have after finishing the six 1-hour episodes.


So… stop reading NOW if you wish to avoid any spoilers.

Seriously… don’t read any further unless you want more than a few surprises ruined.


Spoiler Warning


Okay, so if you’ve read this far I’m going to assume you’ve watched the full first season (because YES, Netflix has picked up the series and is helping fund the second season) and are familiar with the character names and such. You probably have questions, and I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. And if you have answers to any of my questions, please share! I may very well have missed something!

These questions are in no particular order, so here goes:

  1. Do they often bury bodies in Australia shallow or without coffins? The first thing that jumped out at me was how in the world could they bust out of the coffins and six feet of dirt before suffocating? A later episode showed them burying Maria and Vic in very shallow graves wrapped in blankets.
  2. Why in the world would a dog whistle trigger memories in the previously dead? And what is the dog whistle doing in John’s grave? Any given that Elishia finds it and hides it means that she knows the function of the dog whistle?
  3. Vic died in the car crash–he heard that strange sound on the radio that caused him to swerve (???) and run off the road. It’s electrical in nature (at least to me) but why didn’t anyone else hear the sound who approached one of the exits to the town. (I think he was heading home and was near one of the town exits, but I could be wrong.)
  4. Elishia tells James that “that’s not Vic.” If Vic returned from the dead with a different personality or goal, why didn’t any of the others (Maria, Kate, Kirsten, etc.) return with different personalities? It’s also hinted (strongly) that Sarah has returned as Not-Sarah after dying during the surgery to save her life, so do those who die in the town instantly return from the dead OR did Elishia do something to her during her pregnancy? (Elishia is seen doing her ultrasound, so I’m assuming Sarah has had more than one visit with this country doctor.)
  5. Elishia states that the pharmaceutical company works for her! From episode 1 and that brief glimpse of the pharmaceutical building that the company is somehow involved (or it’s the biggest red herring ever)… the logo appears on medicine bottles, shirts, and paperwork, so something’s up there. And let’s not forget the pharma-representative wiping up Vic’s blood on the bridge. At one point, Kate states that the company makes antivirals, right? Makes me wonder if ‘death’ is looked at as a virus to be cured.
  6. Why didn’t John recover his memories like the others? It took the dog whistle to remind him. Actually, it took Vic KNOWING the function of the dog whistle to tell John to blow the whistle to get his memories back. Very strange that John didn’t get his memories back… AND that Elishia seems so focused on him.
  7. Vic states that the revived will die again… that Kate’s cancer will come back. Is this truth or is he just lying? If lying, is Vic a bad guy here? Do those who die NOW and come back return as something a little more evil than the other revived?
  8. We still haven’t learned how Charlie died, although there is strong hints that he might have committed suicide after returning from the war. It’s also possible Charlie’s homosexuality may have been a problem for him in this small town… he might also be the victim of murder. At first I thought they were all murdered, but Maria died in a car accident (her own fault) and Kate died of cancer. Only Kirsten, Charlie, John, and Paddy were killed. so I’m thinking the method of their deaths is probably not important.
  9. When Vic breaks Maria’s neck, it appears he may be a bit stronger than the other revived? Did anyone else think that? And him standing outside the dry cleaners for 12+ hours seemed very odd. I’m hoping Season 2 is going to answer just what happened to Vic (and maybe to Sarah).
  10. The big reveal is that Elishia has been dead for four years. Who brought her back? Was her coming back part of the reason she’s trying so hard to protect the revived? Or does she have her own agenda? She up and left them at end of Season 1, but I think it’s obvious she’s not gone for good… tossing all her meds in a bag makes me wonder if she might be heading for the pharmaceutical company? (And was it her car that we saw in the very first few seconds of Episode 1 leaving the graveyard when Bo arrives after hearing the screams?)
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