Kickstarter Alert: ‘Sectaurs’ Commander Waspax Reveal

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I recently wrote about the upcoming Zica Toys Kickstarter of new Sectaurs toys. Zica Toys just revealed the next in the line-up–Commander Waspax!

Commander Waspax always felt a little like the throw away guy to me, but the Zica Toys sculpt certainly makes him seem a more formidable opponent for the good guys. Something about his face just reads as a cunning tactician and leader of armies. Can you tell that I am really invested in and excited about the release of these toys?

Hopefully, you’re enjoying following along and are as excited about this launch as I am. To follow along, follow Zica Toys on Facebook, or keep an eye out here on GeekDad, as I’ll be doing more short post as more reveals and updates are released.

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