Kickstarter Alert: ‘Sectaurs’ Return

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Dargon Figure and Accessories.
Dargon Figure and Accessories. Photo by Zica Toys.

Zica Toys is planning a Kickstarter next year but has started revealing prototype pics now (one a month until launch), and when I found them, I had to share! Sectaurs was one of my absolute favorite shows and toy lines as a kid, second only to Transformers.

General Spidrax Figure and Accessories.
General Spidrax Figure and Accessories. Photo by Zica Toys.

Zica Toys has been making action figures for both the customization market and licensed products for over 10 years and they recently completed a successful campaign to produce a new Adventure People series of figures. While they are in production and fulfilling that campaign, they are preparing for their Sectaurs campaign. And just look at the three sculpts revealed so far!

Pinsor Figure and Accessories.
Pinsor Figure and Accessories. Photo by Zica Toys.

The wave one figures will include eight main characters (so far Dargon, General Spidrax, and Pinsor have been revealed) and two “army builder” figures (think Star Trek red shirts or the unnamed Joe and Cobra soldiers) for a total of ten figures. All figures will be 1:18 scale (four inches tell) with a ton of articulation, accessories, and interchangeable hands. The original Sectaurs toys were pretty great at articulation compared to other bigger figures of the ’80s, but these promise to blow them out of the water.

Based on their history, I am pretty confident that Zica Toys will deliver on these toys and I really can’t wait to introduce my kids to Sectaurs. If things go well, Zica Toys would like to do a Hyve play set (the castle) as well as the insect mounts (arguably most people’s favorite part of he original toys).

Original Dargon and Dragonflyer
Original Dargon and Dragonflyer. Photo by Will James.

My favorite Sectaurs toy was Dargon and Dragonflyer. I was too little to actually control the puppet mount myself at the time, so one of my fondest childhood memories of my dad are of him controlling the insect mounts while I played with the figures and insect companions. Mine got totally wrecked over the years, so a few years ago, I grabbed this one on eBay to recapture that piece of my childhood. I’ve been too worried to take it out of the box because I know how fragile those wings are, which is really odd for me because I’m not a collector that usually leaves things in boxes. Almost every toy of mine, old and new, is out of the box, and handed over to my son in some capacity. I think maybe I’m preserving this one childhood memory just a little bit longer for myself.  But when the new toys come out, I think my original Dargon will also join the party.

To follow along, follow Zica Toys on Facebook, or keep an eye out here on GeekDad as I’ll be doing a short post as more reveals and updates are released.

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