Make Some Rememberlutions for 2015

Geek Culture Hacking the Holidays
“Resolutions” photo by Flickr User mt 23, used under Creative Commons License.

Ah, the New Year, when we make resolutions that last until March (if we’re lucky). I didn’t really make many resolutions for 2014—instead I listed some things I was anticipating, and I considered the 10×10 Tabletop Challenge (which, as of this writing, I’m five plays away from hitting my goal!). If I had to make some resolutions, they might be to sleep more and spend more time watching TV and on Facebook.

My wife mentioned this post from Buzzfeed (yeah, yeah, I know) about making “rememberlutions” instead of resolutions. Well, the post is really about making the jar, but I think even if you’re not the crafty type the idea behind it is pretty solid.

Here’s the idea: keep this fancy jar (or a shoebox, or an envelope, whatever works for you) somewhere handy, and any time something happens during 2015 that makes you proud, write it down and add it to the jar. At the end of the year, you’ll have this “jar of awesome” that’ll remind you of the best parts of 2015, instead of a list of things you meant to do but didn’t.

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