Story Patch: App Update and Giveaway!

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Story PatchStory Patch

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Back in September, I reviewed the iPad storytelling app for kids, Story Patch. It was very fun to play around with myself, and my kids loved it. It’s an excellent example of an app that encourages creativity and interaction with a device. Depending on the child’s age and ability, partially canned stories can be used, or kids can create their own from scratch. There were a couple of quirky bits to the original version, though, so the author has made some improvements.

The second version of the app, 1.1, included new controls for changing the size and orientation of illustrations, and the ability to search for images by name, category or even color. The newest version, 1.2, is available now and includes many more improvements:

  • More story themes
  • Multitasking
  • An improved story-starting interface
  • The ability to copy story pages
  • A story manager to help rename, copy and delete stories
  • A confirmation when users want to clear a story page
  • The ability to change story typeface
  • The ability to simplify layout to not include any background graphics
  • The ability to rearrange pages in a story

GeekDad has 15 redeem codes for Story Patch to give away to our readers. To win, please comment on this post describing how you (or your loved ones) would use Story Patch. We love to hear how people out there use creative apps in their work, play and education. We will choose 15 winners at random. One entry per person, and be sure we will be able to reach you by email to inform you of your redeem code if you win. Entries will be accepted through midnight (blog time) January 31 and winners will be announced Wednesday, February 2.

For those who don’t win one of the codes, Story Patch is available in the iTunes store for $4.99, and is only for the iPad.

Note: Since I still don’t have an iPad (c’mon iPad 2!), I did not receive anything free for this post or the earlier review, but the author has promised me a code for when I do get my coveted iPad.

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