10 Things I’m Anticipating in 2014

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Happy New Year! 2013 was a pretty full year for us here at GeekDad and for me personally—we had our big move to our own URL in April, plus I ran my first Kickstarter, had baby #3, and went to Gen Con for the first time. In 2014, here are some things I’m already excited about.

Pathfinder ACG

1. More Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Yep, one of the top things on my list is playing more of my favorite game of 2013. I just got my Hook Mountain Massacre deck in the mail, so we should be diving into the next scenario on Monday. And since they’ve already announced the next base set, Skulls and Shackles, I know the adventure will continue even after we finish all of Rise of the Runelords.

The LEGO Movie

2. Seeing The LEGO Movie

We don’t get to see a lot of movies, particularly with the addition of a new baby. (It means that both parents need to be available, but only one of them gets to see the movie with the kids.) But I know I’ll be in line for The LEGO Movie when it comes out in February. I just hope there’s a lot of Batman in it.

S. by J J Abrams, Doug Dorst

3. Exploring S.

I picked up a copy of S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst—it’s made to look like an old novel (Ship of Theseus by V. M. Straka) with a conversation between two readers taking place in the marginalia. There are various things inserted in the pages, too—postcards, campus newspapers, photocopies of articles—and the whole package looks fascinating. I figure, I never did manage to start writing in the margins, so I picked up book where it was already done for me.

Robinson Crusoe

4. Escaping the island with Robinson Crusoe

My half-game of Robinson Crusoe at Gen Con really whetted my appetite for the game, and as soon as I got home I ordered a copy at my local game store (it sold out in a matter of hours at the show), but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m hopeful that it’ll get here soon so I can get to escaping from this island—or die trying.

Halo 3

5. Finally playing Halo 3

I’m not typically on the cutting edge when it comes to tech. I’m still using a non-smartphone, and I never did get an Xbox 360—I bought a used Xbox (cheap!) when the 360 was about to come out. I figure, now that the Xbox One is out, maybe I’ll find a good deal on a 360 and finally get around to finishing the Halo trilogy. Except I guess there are a bunch of others since then. Maybe I’ll play Portal 2, while I’m at it.

Gen Con

6. Returning to Gen Con

I’ve been a regular at PAX Prime the past few years for our Geek Parenting panel, but 2013 was my first trip to Gen Con, and I think I’ve found my people. I’m not really much of a videogamer (see above) and being in a convention hall filled with board games was an eye-opening experience. I don’t have tickets or a hotel booked yet, but I’ve got it on the family calendar, which is a start. (Maybe I’ll even manage to survive True Dungeon this year.)

That's So Crazy It Just Might Work

7. Whatever is doing in 2014

Speaking of calendars, is kicking off 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign for the Procrastinator’s Calendar: it starts in March, has more room at the end of the week and the end of the month because that’s when you’re going to get everything done anyway. I loved all the silly things did last year, from staging a fake marathon to fighting infant beardlessness to telling everyone about Not Cody. Not all of their projects succeeded, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.


8. The arrival of Emperor’s New Clothes

Something I really hope for 2014 is that my Kickstarter-funded meta-game finally gets shipped. I hadn’t anticipated that it would take so long for Game Salute to get a bunch of blank white boxes and bits and mail them to people, but apparently my ROOS takes a long time to fulfill. I’m looking forward to having a finished copy to break out at game nights and take to conventions.

We Heart Nerds Con

9. We <3 Nerds Con

Last year I met Sarah Sharp and Levi Mote while they were promoting their steampunk whodunnit card game Ruse. This year they (and the rest of the We <3 Nerds staff) are launching a Portland-based nerd convention. Erik Wecks and I will be doing a small version of our Geek Parenting panel, talking about parenting, writing, board games, and whatever else we can come up with.

The Battle for WondLa

10. Reading The Battle for WondLa

My family has really enjoyed Tony DiTerlizzi’s WondLa series, an epic sci-fi story about a girl named Eva Nine making her way across a strange planet populated by all manner of alien flora and fauna. The third book, The Battle for WondLa, is scheduled for release in May, so we’ll have a wonderful read-aloud book to kick off the summer.

Well, those are just ten of the things I’m anticipating in 2014. I thought about making a list of 14 things, but I’m sticking to my resolution and spending the rest of the day doing stuff with my kids. (Heck, I even stopped writing this last night and went to bed before midnight!) How about you—what are you looking forward to this year?

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Anticipating in 2014

  1. Looks like 2014 should be a fun year. I’m glad I discovered your site in 2013. I’m also looking forward to reading “S.”—a Christmas present from my wife—and I got Iota as a gift, too. Thanks for the inspirations!

  2. I love the Pathfinder card game and have subscribed through Paizo so I don’t miss any of the promos. I’ve just really gotten into board gaming this past year. We went to PAX East but I would love to go to Gencon. I’ll have to check out S. My wife has read the Wondla books and she loves them. I’ll have to read those too.

  3. We just received the Pathfinder card Game for Christmas, and we are one adventure in. Liking it so far! And my daughter and I are super excited for The Battle For WondLa. We are very much looking forward to finishing the trilogy!

  4. I’m sure you’ll love “S.”. It will lead you down a rabbit hold I’m sure you want to devote at least a whole month to. So much to discover and explore… Be sure to check out once you’ve finished your first run =)

  5. Now that it’s nearly May, I figured I’d check in. So far I’ve played lots more Pathfinder ACG, I did take my kids to see the LEGO movie, I’ve won Robinson Crusoe twice (but with handicaps) and lost several times, Emperor’s New Clothes has been shipped and many backers have received them already, and Kickstarted the second annual Run Free Race, this time as an adventure race.

    I haven’t read S. yet (though I have flipped through it some), Gen Con isn’t until August, and I still don’t have an X360. The We Heart Nerds convention has been postponed until next year. Finally, The Battle for WondLa should be out next month, so I’m expecting to read that very soon!

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