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My “hobby” project has been recycling a salvaged golf cart that I purchased at a garage sale a few months ago. I live in a golf course community, so families riding around the neighborhood in these kinds of carts are an everyday occurrence. Many families have some really nice custom rides too, but I cannot afford to invest too much in what is technically a toy for me.

My latest project has been incorporating a car stereo into the golf cart. Little did I realize that this would be a costly endeavor. Just the wiring needed will run more money than I care to spend. Due to this, I decided to go with an enclosed system. I figured that a good wireless speaker system that would not need to be wired into the carts batteries would be the best way to go. It is not like I am going to be listening to the radio or cds – I just wanted something to pair with my mobile device to listen to stored music.

After all of my browsing, I decided on the Ecorox by Ecoxgear. The main reason being that the sound that this little unit pumps out is dynamic. I really could not believe that these are full range 6 watt speakers. When I first saw that they were 6 watts, I laughed and dismissed it; but I was corrected quickly after I paired it with my phone and belted out some tunes.

Mounted on my golf cart!

It also has a built-in mounting bolt on the bottom, so mounting it on my cart was as easy as finding a correctly sized bolt. It uses a standard camera sized mounting post, so it was no problem. It is also nice that it is completely water proof. Not water resistant, water proof – as in, it will float if you throw it in the pool. This is especially nice for riding around in all weather conditions, but also great for travel of any kind. Just put your phone in a baggie and Bluetooth connect the Ecorox and you are ready to go.

Other things that you would expect from a Bluetooth speaker are here also. It can be used as a speaker phone, it pairs very easily and it is compact and light. I have so far clocked about 9 hours of usage from mine on a full charge and it still has juice left. The manual states 10 – 12 hours of continual usage, so I would agree with that statement. It charges via USB plug, which it comes with the cord, but not the actual wall plug, so you would need to hook it to a computer straight out of the box – or use one of your other USB wall plugs from nearly any other device.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Ecorox by Ecoxgear for anyone looking for an all-purpose all weather Bluetooth sound system. It is perfect for all those family events that one would have coming up – and it looks great on a golf cart too.


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6 thoughts on “Gadget Review – The Ecoxgear Ecorox

  1. Ah, thanks for this! Perfect timing as I’m in the middle of creating an outdoor “Bar” and need a way to get music out there.

    Now, I need a way to add some LEDs and/or rope lighting to it… Anyone have any suggestions on that front?


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