January’s Funko Legion of Collectors Brings Classic DC Love

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It’s the first Funko box of the new year, and there’s almost nothing in here I do not love.
Let’s start with this box art, something I try not to pay too much attention to but…

I can’t keep this, right? That would be hoarding.

The art of José Luis García-López is the art of my childhood, and this is all so perfect for a classic theme.

So, why doesn’t he just call himself Manta?

When I saw this comic, I assumed the box was going to come with either Black Manta or Aquaman. So I was very happy to find…

Eel, old man, how ARE you?

Plastic Man does not get enough love. This is a really well-designed POP! and I love how it looks like he’s waving.

There are also the usual iron on, sticker, and shirt,

I would not wear anything with Oliver Queen on it in public. Ew.

The shirts came 50/50 mixed. Some got Ace the Bathound, some got…

my new favorite shirt

I tore this shirt out of the plastic and wore it THAT NIGHT in the house. Loved it so much. You know what I did not unbox? These:

“Holy a-salt and battery, Batman!” “Oh, SHUT UP, Robin.”

I already have a TARDIS/DALEK salt and pepper shaker, so this is going in my gift box. But they’re very well made.

In March, LoC will be having a Superman theme. Fingers crossed for a Lois Lane anything.

Note: Funko sends me these boxes. By the end of the year, I’ll be able to build a small playhouse out of them.

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