Archeer A320 Bluetooth speaker review

Archeer A320 Review: Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker Will Turn Heads

It’s easy to scoff at the thousands of inexpensive audio products that show up on Amazon. Many are truly awful and prove the old “you get what you pay for” adage. But there are also some gems. The Archeer A320 falls into the latter camp. It’s an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker that looks great thanks to an attractive bamboo and cloth design, and it sounds far better than its selling price suggests it should.

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Cork speaker uses bottles

Cork: Micro Bluetooth Speaker Uses Empty Bottles to Boost Sound

I don’t often cover crowdfunding campaigns, but this one is kind of cool. Plus they have a shipping product (which I was able to review hands-on) and they’ve already met their funding goal—so not much in the way of risk. Cork is a micro Bluetooth speaker that sits on top of an empty bottle (like a cork), using the bottle itself to amplify and color the sound produced.

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