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Hear Your Shows Better With the Grace Digital Speaker


For the last few months, my family has been testing the Grace Digital GDI-BTTV100 Digital Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker is optimized to enhance the sounds of the human voice, allowing it to pop out from the background sound. Upon hearing about this speaker, my first thought was that perhaps this would help my mother to better understand the dialogue in television shows and movies. See, people with hearing issues like my mother’s can sometimes lose track of the dialogue when there’s enough background sound in the scene. It’s specifically to combat issues like this that the speaker was created and tuned, allowing the dialogue to be more audible through the background sound of the scene.

From our experiences, it’s not perfect, but it does make the dialogue objectively easier to hear and understand. It is, however, a good solution for those who have trouble hearing but either don’t like closed captions or don’t view them as the whole solution.

Cover for Grace Digital Speaker

Aesthetically, the Grace Digital speaker is attractive in a minimalist way. It’s sleek black, connected via Bluetooth to an HTMI dongle. When connected, it’s controlled through a small remote that gives control over not only volume but also some basic frequency control. When connected and powered on, it automatically shuts off the television’s sound and transfers all audio output to the speaker. When turned off, it works the same in reverse, automatically sending the audio back to the TV without any further action needed by the user. This made the device easy enough to be frustration free for my family,

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The audio quality is on par with Bluetooth speakers of its size, much higher quality than the average TV speaker. Even while it enhances voices, the audio still sounds realistic and high quality. Overall, if you suffer from hearing difficulties that make dialogue hard to understand, the Grace Digital speaker may be a good solution for your needs.

The Grace Digital GDI-BTTV100 Bluetooth wireless speaker is currently available on Amazon for $118.65 down from the original price of $179.99

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