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Image: Used with permission.

A not-for-children children’s book, Five Little Zombies and Fred is a fantastic little adventure focused on Fred’s attempts to run and escape from a small pack of zombies.

The illustrations in the book are adorable and timeless, and the story is captivating. How will Fred get away from the zombies? Or will he? All written in a way that seems to be for children, the book is definitely recommended for grown ups. But there are certain kids, such as my own, that would also really enjoy the tale. Reader discretion advised.

The book is already written, but to raise money for production costs, GeekMom Jules Sherred has started an Indiegogo campaign. Check out the Five Little Zombies and Fred website, and consider pledging on the Indiegogo page, which also includes Jules’s very entertaining promotional video, shown above.

There are also songs that are written to go along with the book, and many different levels of support from which to choose. If cute art and zombies are your thing, you must check out Five Little Zombies and Fred.

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