Meet Camp Walk-Like-a-Man’s Signature Dish: Pizza on a Bacon Crust

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Every summer Kim takes Roni back to Texas for a campo that is designed to meet our daughter’s special needs. It’s a big event that Roni looks forward to each summer and last week was her week to shine.

In the past, Kim has left Jude with her parents in Dublin, TX but this year strayed from the norm. Jude stayed with me. For a whole week. Just two guys. One house. Loads of testosterone.

Seeing that his big sis was at camp and I am a reformed camp counsellor, it seemed only fitting for Jude and I to create our own week of summer camp. Thus was born the idea which became Camp Walk-Like-a-Man.

While the wife and daughter were absent last week, I took on the mantle of Camp Director/head counsellor. Jude happily filled the job of our one and only camper. We had a blast.

We watched every single Avengers cartoon on Netflix. We caught up on our Three Stooges. We swam almost every day until the heat advisory got so bad along with afternoon thunderstorms. We ate nothing healthy unless we could add Kraft macaroni and cheese or bacon.

Which brings us to our first ever recipe I have ever tried to do like this and it happens to be the signature dish of Camp Walk like a Man. Ladies and Gents, I present to you pizza like you have never seen it before. It’s a little dish Jude and I refer to as the Porky Pig Pizza.

My sister is amazing at what she comes across on the net and is always sharing neat websites with me. We can’t take full credit for this recipe because Mary sent it to us from this blog,

The recipe looks amazing but a little too healthy for our high meat standards here at Camp Walk like a Man. Jude and I jazzed it up with pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions, and mushrooms.

It’s pretty easy to do though weaving the bacon to make the crust gets a little greasy. I’d strongly recommend setting the bacon crust on some sort of baking rack then placing it on some paper towels after baking to get the rest of the grease.

Surprisingly enough, I’d also say lay off the pepperoni and stick with tamer meats like the sausage or maybe hamburger. The saltiness of the pepperoni was almost too much and detracted from the flavor of the bacon crust mixing with the rest of the pizza.

Also, it gets messy. Bring a fork and plenty of napkins but it’s worth every minute. Next we are talking about doing one with just ham and pineapple and calling it the Magnum PI. Cue Homer Simpson drool sounds…

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