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Avoid getting caught fidgeting in the big meeting with this stealthy, handheld gadget. Say hello to Fidget Cube and keep your hands busy while your mind is working!

Fidget Cube from Antsy Labs now on Kickstarter!
Fidget Cube from Antsy Labs now on Kickstarter!

Now on Kickstarter from Antsy Labs–creators of the Duet and Trio device docks–the Fidget Cube! If you’re a pen clicker or a finger tapper, this six-sided tactile sensation offers tons of relief for restless or twitchy hands. Clickers, a joystick, buttons, dials, gears, a rocker switch, and even a ball-bearing grace the surface of this plastic cube, providing a myriad of distractions for any preference.

For the last two days, I’ve been lucky enough to have a cube with the classic video game color scheme in my possession. I can honestly say it’s a been an eye-opening experience. I freely admit my fidgeting addiction, and I’ve been known to click a pen or two, but I never realized the therapeutic nature of those behaviors or their enhancement of my concentration.

Using the Fidget Cube for its intended purpose. Photos by Gerry Tolbert
Using the Fidget Cube for its intended purpose. Photos by Gerry Tolbert

Just like recent research into doodling as a method for enhancing concentration, several behavioral scientists are currently seeking to understand the benefits of fidgeting. It will be interesting to see the results of these ongoing studies, but my N of 1 study with the Fidget Cube has left me enamored with the product.

I spent several hours with the cube in hand, and each of the gadgets provided its own entertainment. The ball bearing was my favorite by far, giving both a gliding trackball-esque motion and a satisfying click. The gears, dial, and buttons each offered different tactile sensations that took just enough focus from the mechanical parts of my brain and allowed for an apparent increase in concentration. Whether a true difference or not, I had a tangible feeling of being more engaged with the mental activities I was doing at work.

While the gadget isn’t necessarily rated for children–there’s no rating on the Kickstarter page–my two-year-old twins loved it, and it seems like the Cube will be great for all ages.

Multiple angles on the fidget cubes gadgets. Photos by Gerry Tolbert
Multiple angles on the fidget cubes gadgets. Photos by Gerry Tolbert

The Kickstarter blew through the initial goal of $15,000 and recently surpassed the $1,500,000 mark, with more than 30 days left in the campaign. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter and pledge to receive up to 80 copies of this “unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus” in Die, Graphite, Midnight, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh, and Retro. You can also visit Antsy Labs for more info.

Disclaimer: Antsy Labs provided a Retro cube, pictured above, for review.

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  1. How much noise is made by each side? I would love to use this for my ADD kid in a classroom environment but his fidgets have to be quiet/silent and I don’t think this qualifies. Am I correct?

  2. My main concern is that this post is from September and, if you check KS forums in this project, there’s still a HUGE ton of people waiting for theirs cubes, even if the last wave of shipping was supposed to arrive in March. There’re even people from December tier (the first one) still waiting. And the company has refused to communicate for 2 months. All we can get are automatic answers, if anything.

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