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Time to Sign Your Kids Up for Summer Online Camps in Minecraft and Scratch!

Time to Sign Your Kids Up for Summer Online Camps in Minecraft and Scratch!

Are your kids ready for a virtual summer camp where they can learn to build and code in Minecraft or Scratch, play on secure, safe servers, and interact with kids just like them from all over? Check out Connected Camps for Summer 2017, and get a special GeekDad coupon code! Read More


Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

I’m teaching a bunch of technology camps this summer, and one of the camps I’m most looking forward to is Beginning Game Programming. My goal is to introduce the students to the basic concepts of programming but also to give them hands-on time with as many game development platforms as we can fit into the week.

One of the tools that I’m definitely going to introduce to the students is Tynker. If you’re not familiar with it and have a student who is showing strong interesting in creating his or her own games, you’ll definitely want to check out their website. Read More

Book Review: P.S. I Still Hate It Here: More Kids’ Letters From Camp

Diane Falanga has gathered some of the funniest letters from camp that you will ever read. This is actually her second book of camp letters and was compiled from thousands of submissions. It’s not just a re-written compilation of the letters, either. The pages of this book are full of copies of the actual letters kids wrote, complete with grammar errors that would make an English teacher cringe and an abundance of hearts and sloppy kid handwriting. Read More

Monster-Battling Summer Camps

Ah, summer camp. A time for kids to get outdoors, avoid regular bathing, and sing campfire songs. Depending on the camp, they might even learn something useful, like a musical instrument or camping/survival skills or … battling monsters? Yep, that’s … Read More

Geeked About the Greeks

Every summer I run a History through the Creative Arts camp for homeschoolers in my area. It started as a way to do history with my own children that was based on something other than war and politics. I find it easier to relate periods of history to what the classical composers were doing at… Read More