Smile and Don’t Pick Your Nose: Reolink C1 ProHD Camera Review

“It is a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your front door.” Wise words from Bilbo Baggins and ones I take very much to heart. Bilbo may have had a different meaning with those words but they speak volumes to me. Bilbo was not referring to home security when he said this, but we should all listen to Bilbo and make sure we and our families are as safe as possible. If you’re looking to add an indoor security camera, the Reolink C1 ProHD will be a wonderful addition to your security solution.

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Bring Your Home Into Harmony With the Piper Security and Automation Hub

With an effortless installation via your existing home wireless network and a ton of internal environmental sensors, Piper is an endlessly customizable home monitoring system like no other. In fact, my Piper has me thinking less of simple home security, and more about home automation. Whereas the Samsung SmartCam I reviewed last month made it easy for me to receive alerts about motion or sound events that may indicate treachery is afoot in my humble abode, Piper instead offers all this with an unprecedented level of added granularity.

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DIY Home Security with Schlage and Nexia

Summer is the time for vacations. The time to take off for remote destinations and just get out of town. As the temperatures rise, so does the chance of a robbery. Nothing a burglar likes better, than an empty home for a few days. We are planning a big vacation for the family right now, so I figured I would use my Geek powers to help protect our home – but moreover, just give me peace of mind while we are away.

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