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Let There Be Light — The Litom 8 LED Solar-Powered Security Sensor Light

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litom led
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As a smart home enthusiast, I long to outfit my house with only the most cutting-edge of products. However, as a substandard handyman, I often fret about the ease (or lack thereof) of installation. It is with this dichotomy in mind that I eventually decided not everything I buy needs to be connected to everything else I own—it just needs to serve its prescribed purpose.

For example, I live in a neighborhood that some would describe as verdant—by day, at least. By night it is better described as dark. Very, very dark. For a while now I’ve been in the market for an outdoor security light, but I didn’t want something that was going to require any exterior electrical work or that was going to go off anytime some random raccoon or opossum scampered through the yard. (This is, after all, South Carolina, and such critter incursions occur with startling regularity.)

Enter Litom’s LED Solar Security Sensor Light.

While I had my doubts about using a solar-powered solution—due to the aforementioned tree cover—I initially gave this light a shot based purely on the flexibility it provided. As it installs with nothing more than two screws, you can literally toss this sucker up anywhere you and your power drill see fit.

Given that what I was really looking for was a way to illuminate the back door on those rare occasions when the kids and I are out past dusk, I chose to affix mine to the back porch railing. I simply set the selector on the back of the device to its motion-detecting mode, drove in the screws, and then conveniently forgot about it until the next evening.

That following night I came home later than usual and, to my surprise, when I opened the gate (around 15′ from the light’s new residence on the back porch), light immediately flooded the yard. Once I realized that this was neither A) some misguided SWAT team bust or B) an alien abduction, I instantly felt a sense of pride both in myself and in the Litom Security Light. We both did good.

In the weeks to follow, the Litom continued to function admirably. Its 8-LED array throws an impressive amount of light and, since it only comes on when someone approaches the porch, even a few hours of indirect sunlight is sufficient to keep the device powered up. Moreover, the light has proven itself weatherproof, even through a recent bout of springtime squalls.

Even though it doesn’t communicate with my Piper security hub, boast any remote functionality, or come with a fancy phone app, the Litom 8 LED Solar-Powered Security Sensor Light does what I need it to–simply and consistently. Best of all, it currently retails at Amazon for the bargain-basement price of $12.99. If you need to light up your life (or just your backyard), I can’t help but enthusiastically suggest you give Litom a try.

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