Quicklock: Bluetooth + NFC-Enabled Padlock

Image: Quicklock
Image: Quicklock

My least favorite part of going to the gym is locking up my gear. Well, maybe I hate the muscle-ups more, but I digress. I hate keeping up with keys, so I switched to a combination lock. The problem with combination locks is that you can’t rescind someone’s access to that lock once they have it. They permanently have that combination at their disposal, which instantly compromises the security of the lock.

Enter the Quicklock padlock. This handy product has no keyhole. It has no combination. It has a single button. Press the button, tap the lock with your phone, and voila! Instant access. This works great for me, because often my phone and headphones are the only things I keep with my while I work out.

Image: Quicklock
Image: Quicklock

When the phone isn’t an option (dead battery, disabled Bluetooth) or I don’t want to hand over my phone, there are other great options. You can sync any NFC tag, including your credit card, or passport (if you are traveling), and more! I also have an NFC wireless ring which allows me to swipe the lock with my hand. I may or may not have used this to pretend to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. When it doesn’t work the first pass (which is rare), I blame the fact that the lock is yellow, giggle at my own joke, and then unlock it. The ring is also a great option if you are going swimming.

Add ons and extras include:

What does all this add up to? A secure lock, with the ability to sync over 50 “keys,” capable of being controlled by a single user or up to 50 different users. It is usable in any situation where a lock is needed, and it’s the only NFC + Bluetooth padlock on the market.

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