The moto g7 family of smartphones.

Moto G7 Is the Family of Phones for Your Family

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The latest additions to Motorola’s g family of smartphones has a device for all the different users in your family. The new moto g7 phones each have their own focus, making them the right choice for different users in the household…  just like porridge: there is a fit for everybody..

I was lent review units of the moto g7 family for purposes of this post, all opinions are my own. The flagship moto g7 has all the most powerful features of the family. The stunning 6.2″ Max Vision full HD+ display has a cinematic 19:9 aspect ratio that presents content in incredibly high resolution. The 12MP dual-camera system has a simply unbelievable high-resolution zoom (that restores details typically lost with digital zoom) that feeds images directly into a suite of creative photo software and Google Lens – all designed for those who use their devices to see the world, and then capture it.

Building on the foundation of the g7, two more phones fill out this family tree. All of them include some of the same features, including:

  • Camera software backed by artificial intelligence (AI) that acts as a built-in photo assistant: Capturing brilliant group photos are easy with auto smile detection. Creating cinemagraphs (photos that keep a portion of your shot in motion while freezing everything else) with built-in software. And slow-motion and time-lapse video too.
  • Google Lens: it’s like having an encyclopedia in your viewfinder.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 octa-core processors power the entire line.
  • The whole g7 family is water-repellent, inside and out.
  • And there are exclusive moto experiences, including “One Button Nav” that allows users to navigate with a virtual bar and “Lift to Unlock” that wakes the display when the phone is picked up.
The moto g7 phones are water resistant, inside and out.
The moto g7 phones are water resistant, inside and out.
Image Credit: Motorola

For the mama bear, the moto g7 play features a 5.7” Max Vision HD+ display and 40 hours of charge. The play’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 octa-core processor easily makes all of her games, movies, and photos look amazing and run super smoothly. And her eye for great photography is really impressed with the fast-focusing 13 MP camera.

Finally, the moto g7 power is perfect for allowing my newly minted middle school baby bear to enjoy up to three days of battery life on a single charge (5000 mAh for the technically minded, compared to the play’s 3000 mAh battery) … more than enough when they “forget” to charge their phone overnight per house rules. When they are really low on power, built-in turbopower charging technology will add 9 hours of power in about 15 minutes. Since it’s their first smartphone, there are lots, and lots, of photos and videos being captured on the 12MP camera. And of course, all the games, photos and videos look great an ultra-wide 6.2″ Max Vision HD screen, and play smoothly on the octa-core processor.

The entire g7 family is available now on Amazon (click here for a direct Amazon Affiliate link) or visit Motorola’s moto g family page for all the technical details.

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