Commuter Gamer: ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’ Launches

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MMH-featuredCommuter Gamer focuses on mobile games that can easily be played in bite-sized chunks. Please game responsibly and never while driving!

I’ve been playing the DeNA Transformers: Battle Tactics daily since it came out (you can read my review of it here), so when DeNA announced that they were working on a game with Marvel, like many fans, I couldn’t wait! The wait is now over!

Marvel Mighty Heroes launches today in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. The game lets you build a team of heroes, play co-op missions with your friends, and experience the Marvel universe in a whole new way.

MMH-ExnihiloTo kick off the game, Marvel Mighty Heroes is also starting their first in-game event–part one of six in the Infinity series! The event sees the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy teaming up to fight Thanos.

View the launch trailer and then go download the game! Anyone pre-registering at and downloading the game within the first week will get a special in-game reward.

Look for my in-depth review and game analysis at the conclusion of the first Infinity event.

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