Building Halo With Mega Bloks

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We here at GeekDad devote a good deal of time to building sets and playing with toys (it’s tough, but someone has to do it). Many of us are also huge fans of the Halo series by Microsoft. My geeklet and I very much enjoy the combination of these two things, kind of like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of toys! I know what you are thinking, “Don’t you blog enough about those other brick building toys?” Yes, we do, but if you want space warfare consisting of the powerful Spartans and the evil Covenant – then you have to build with Mega Bloks.

The first Mega Blok set that I would like to highlight is new for this fall, the Halo UNSC Rockethog vs. Anti-Aircraft Gun. The highlights from this set include the Rockethog vehicle and the Covenant Type-38 “Tyrant” Anti-Air Gun. As many of you fans of Halo probably know, the Rockethog is the Warthog version with rockets instead of a mounted machine gun. The Mega Bloks Warthogs have all been excellent builds. My son loves that it is as rugged as a regular action figure toy would be. This actually makes the second Warthog vehicle that we have added to our arsenal. The Covenant “Tyrant” is an awesome base build and makes an great centerpiece for any bad guy stronghold. This anti-aircraft cannon was featured in a crucial part of Halo: Reach. This set also includes a Hazop Spartan, a NEW UNSC Marine, a Combat Elite and Jump Pack Brute with weapons and jump pack.


Mega Blocks Rocket Hog vs. Anti Aircraft GunMega Blocks Rocket Hog vs. Anti Aircraft Gun

The next set is also one of the new 10 year anniversary editions, the Halo UNSC Falcon with landing pad. This set features a heavily armed UNSC Falcon. This is another great vehicle build from the Halo experts at Mega Bloks. The Falcon comes together to form a very “swooshable” and fun toy that is just as rugged as the Warthog mentioned above. We did, however, used it to reenact one of the final scenes in Avatar, when it fell off the kitchen table (get it?). There is plenty of room for all the Spartans to jump on and be lifted to their next waypoint! The Falcon comes with a silver UNSC Pilot, a Mark V Air Assault Spartan, a landing pad and a couple of weapons boxes. Everything fits nicely in the airship to be airlifted into combat; however, the landing pad seems unnessesary.

The life-blood of ‘building set’ toys for this generation has become all about the licensing. The good news is that I have absolute positive confirmation that the Halo license through Microsoft will stay with Mega Bloks. We already have these two plus a few of the smaller sets – and cannot wait for some of the newer editions next year.

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