piper update

Piper Security Hub Adds New Video Feature

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piper update

I’ve been a fan of the Piper home security and automation hub for a while now–I reviewed the original model in 2014, and continued expanding my system with the new Piper NV earlier this year. This means I’ve seen my fair share of updates, from minor tweaks to the alert tones to major redesigns like the NV’s addition of night vision.

The latest such update, which arrives today with the release of software version 1.7.0, allows you to take the cloud-saved videos captured by your Piper–a service that remains free, without storage or monitoring fees–and download them directly to your mobile device.

This means you can easily share candid Piper-captured moments of your day-to-day life with your friends and family via social media… or, y’know, video of some dude ripping off your television with the proper authorities. Either way, Piper has you covered.

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