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Nintendo Talks NX, Mobile Plans

If no news is good news, then Nintendo has been sitting pretty for some time. Not only has the Big N been playing the proverbial cards close to its chest with regards to its newly developed mobile phone strategy, the company has also been noticeably tight-lipped about its forthcoming console, codenamed NX.

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Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount

Experience Qi Charging on the Go With the Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount

The Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount currently lists for just south of $60 on Amazon. While that might sound like a lot, the fact that this unit is both a reliable wireless charger and a durable car mount definitely sweetens the deal. Add in the included charge cable, its adjustable (and oh-so-accommodating) side and bottom supports, and the simplicity of its one-hand lock and release functionality, and you have a solution for practically any Qi-compatible smartphone.

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Life Is Beautiful

Mardi Gras 101: A Geeky Primer on the Big Party

Many Americans know that Mardi Gras is the last hurrah before entering the more austere Lenten season. And that it’s the kissing cousin of the Carnivales that are celebrated in many other parts of the world. There’s a pocket of America along the Gulf of Mexico coastline that embraces the Carnivale-season-styled rituals and traditions, and I encourage everyone to learn more about it. Many people envision the scenes on Bourbon Street, usually involving women lifting their shirts in hopes of getting some beads thrown down to them from the balconies.

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iPhone 5 Review – What’s Up and What’s Not

When the new iPhone 5 was announced, I immediately wanted one. I’m not an Apple computer person, but when it comes to their phones and other devices, I’ve found them to work great for what I need. Part of my job involves purchasing and setting up company phones for employees. I was curious to know how my new iPhone would hold up to my previous model (4s) as well as another popular smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

As our area of the country continues to bake in the relentless heat, our family continues to stay inside in the air conditioning. When we do venture outside, it is early morning or early evening and for brief periods of time. They are starting to talk water rationing and temperature records are being set frequently. This […]

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