The Tech21 Evo Endurance IPhone Case Brings Extra Juice in a New Way

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Endurance-Shop-Now_1024x512-Twitter-Banner-1024x512Tech21 is a design boutique that makes cases for assorted phones. (Yes, oddly enough, they do more than just iPhone cases–GASP!). They sent me their Evo Endurance to review. A rugged battery case, the Endurance’s hook is that is has a lithium ceramic battery rather than lithium-ion. They say it’s lighter and won’t get as hot.

After two weeks of use, I have to agree with both claims. For a battery case, it’s barely there. The problem, however, is that the battery itself is barely there. The onboard battery is a mere 1800 mAH–far smaller than my current case. Despite fancy new tech that should appeal to a power user, there’s just not enough juice for me. Especially at $109. For that much you can get a different case with a larger battery.

I do think thank Tech21’s battery technology is something to watch, though. Charging my phone in my pocket with no noticeable warmth was nice. If you have a family member with a tendency to drop things and who needs some extra power–but not a ton–you may want to check this out. But at that price point? Be sure.

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