Review: Energi Sliding Power Case by Tylt


energi-sliding-power-case-ip6-in-handSnartphone battery technology has come a long way since 2007 or so. Yet even with today’s longer lasting batteries, power users often find themselves needing extra juice to get through the day. We have reviewed a bunch in the past, but today we’re looking at one with a twist.

Tylt makes some interesting and stylish products. I’m a huge fan of their Flyp-Duo cable, which lets me charge both iPhones and microUSB devices, and which cannot be inserted the wrong way into a USB port


Where have you been all my life?
Where have you been all my life?

Tylt takes the same unique approach to their Energi power case line. The original model was a boring, typical case for the iPhone 5. Like all battery cases, it gave you extra power, but with added heft. What if you want the power sometimes, but not all the time, yet also want your phone to be protected? The solution? Sliding cases. Available for the iPhone 5/5s, 6, 6+, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, GS6, and the curved G6 Edge, the Energi sliding case is two cases. One is a normal, fitted case that prevents scratching and the like. Then that case slides into another battery case.

Insert tab "a" into slot "b".
Insert tab “a” into slot “b”.

We tested the iPhone 6 model (suggested price $99.99) and kinda loved it. The battery had more capacity than the similarly priced Otterbox case we had been using, but it charged faster and we could easily pop the phone out when we didn’t want to carry it. Oh, and when we say it charged faster, we mean both that it would charge up the phone faster than other cases, and then take less time to recharge the internal 3,200 mAh battery.

Despite the slide element, the phone stayed firmly in the charge case when in use. That was nice. Not as nice was that the case did not come with a screen guard (Tylt sells them separately) nor did it have a 3.5 headphone jack extender (although there was an insert saying to call support about one). These are essential for anyone who wants to use an extended battery pack and headphones other than those bundled by Apple or Samsung.

If you’re someone who is never going to take your phone out of the battery case, then this is not for you. Otherwise, assuming you already have screen protectors and an adapter (or just use the included headset), a strong argument can be made for the Energi Sliding Power Case line.

Note: Tylt provided a unit for review purposes. They also provided the images.

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