Hasbro Announces First ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers’ Expansion

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MtGAoP_ExpansionSo far, it looks like Hasbro’s got themselves a hit with Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers. But maybe you picked up a copy after my initial review and can already see the distant horizon where your interest in the current content dwindles.

Well you’re in luck! Hasbro announced the first AOP expansion at PAX Prime on Friday: Battle for Zendikar. Taking place on, where else, Zendikar, the expansion will contain new heroes, new squads, and additional spells. I’m hoping a new locale will also bring additional terrain tiles and game scenarios; but if that’s the case, Hasbro’s keeping a lid on it for now.

The expansion introduces two new Planeswalkers – Kiora, and Ob Nixilis.

Image courtesy of Hasbro
Image courtesy of Hasbro

Kiora is a merfolk, native to Zendikar, and is the first multicolor Planeswalker in AOP. You’ll be able to build armies and spells from both blue and green colors.

Image courtesy of Hasbro
Image courtesy of Hasbro

Ob Nixilis is a demon Planeswalker trapped on Zendikar. He’s angry, mean, destructive, and, since his normal MtG card is black, I’m guessing that he’ll be a black mana user as well.

The expansion will be available in January 2016 and retail for $19.99. We’ll have more details as they pop up!

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