iPhone 6 case, incipio

Good iPhone 6 Case Choices

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iPhone 6 case, incipio
Incipio Stowaway, my favorite case overall.Imagve via Incipio

Due to a great deal from Sprint, I leased a new iPhone 6 last month and quickly realized I’d need a case, as the slim design makes the phone slippery. (Part of me wonders if Apple wants us to drop them so we have to buy another but, likely, the design is just aesthetically pleasing.) Whatever the reason, cases are essentials for all the iPhones I’ve owned.

I tried out four cases from Otterbox and Incipio. I also tested a case sent to me by a fellow GeekMom, an Ibatzz battery case, but I found that one so clunky to use I’m not going to review it.

Basic Cases:

The two parts of the Otterbox Commuter case, image by Corrina Lawson
The interior of the two parts of the Otterbox Commuter case, image by Corrina Lawson

Otterbox Commuter Series: $39.90

The Good:

  • Inner slipcover and hard outer shell provide two-layered protection.
  • Easy-on/easy-off.
  • Attractive case that covers but doesn’t interfere with phone ports/buttons.
  • Nice price point for the protection offered.
  • Includes a screen protector.

Conclusion: No drawbacks. It’s a great choice for a basic protective case.

Incipio Stowaway Credit Card Case–$34.99

The Good:

  • Neat design that builds the card holder into the back of the case itself.
  • The depression will fit 3 credit cards/licenses easily. There’s even a clear protective screen provided to prevent damage to the back of the iPhone.
  • Easy on/easy off.
  • Wallet cover can morph into a kickstand.

Drawback: Slightly less protection than the two-layer design of the Otterbox.

Conclusion: A great case for those tired of carrying around wallets plus phones.

Battery Cases: I’d recommend both these cases, though the Otterbox had a few quirks. Both cases also come with an extender for headphones. Both provide about one full charge to the iPhone 6, sometimes more, depending on use.

Incipio OffGrid Shine Battery Case: $89.99

Incipio Off Grid Battery Case, image via Incipio
Incipio Off Grid Battery Case, image via Incipio

The Good:

  • Easy to attach.
  • Great slim design and comes packaged nicely. (That doesn’t matter in performance but I note the packaging because I thought it was cool.)
  • The battery lights on the back indicating the charge available are easy to read.
  • A push of a button the back activates the charging function.


  • Battery cases are, of course, heavier than regular cases, essentially trading off weight for power.
  • This design does provide protection for the phone but not the cushion protection provided by the two layers of the Otterbox case.

Conclusion: Of the three battery cases I tested, this was by far my favorite for ease of use and for how quickly I can get the phone in and out of the case.

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case: $99.95

Otterbox, battery cases, iPhone 6 case
Back view of the Resurgence Case, with the charging button visible. All four quarters lit up means a full charge. Image via Corrina Lawson

The Good:

  • Protection provided by a double layer case.
  • An improvement over the previous Otterbox case I tested for the iPhone 5s because of the addition of the charging circle on the back, which shows the charge available, and allows for easy recharging.


  • It’s much harder to take on and off. At first, I had difficulty even pulling the two pieces of the case apart, as the two hard plastic pieces lock together too tightly. After some practice, this become easier.
  • Both battery cases recharge using a micro-USB cable but the Resurgence only worked with the micro-USB cable provided by Otterbox. The Incipio worked with any micro-USB cable

Conclusion: A solid case that provides great protection but can be difficult to take on and off and cranky about cables.

Overall, my personal preferences are for the Incipio Wallet and OffGrid Shine Battery cases  but I’d recommend any of them for daily use.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received these items for review purposes.

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