Hacking the Holidays

One of my favorite things about the maker revolution is the availability of tools that a decade ago were out of reach of the average hobbyist. Sure, magazines like Nuts & Volts catered to the die-hard hobbyists, but before the internet, and before e-commerce it was difficult for the average guy to find the parts for their projects. It wasn’t just availability either, the price of these things was high. Development boards for microcontrollers cost upwards of $100 and more, and small parts often had a minimum order of 100 units.

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Tape It Cover

More Cool Duct Tape Projects!

A copy of Tape It & Make MORE just arrived on my doorstep — I’m a sucker for duct tape projects, and I’ve been waiting for this follow-up book written by Richela Fabian Morgan. Her earlier book, Tape It & Make It provided full-color instructions for creating 101 items with duct tape. And now, her follow-up book offers 101 more projects. Get your duct tape rolls ready… here’s what you’re going to learn to make in this book.

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Playing in the Sandbox With Dale Dougherty

Last week I attended Sandbox Summit, a conference at MIT that gathers great thinkers in children’s media. This year’s theme was was about nurturing kids’ imagination in the digital age, which stood in sharp contrast to the events unfolding in Boston while we were there. Instead of gluing ourselves to the news, we pressed on with the conference. It was so reassuring to talk about inspiring kids and the good that we can do through media.

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