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Raspberry Pi Summer Programming CompetitionRaspberry Pi Summer Programming Competition

From the Raspberry Pi Foundation Summer Programming Competition Poster (Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation, Created by: Paul Beech)

One of the biggest electronics boards to hit the Maker community lately has been the Rapberry Pi. If you’re not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it is a elegant single-board computer with an ARM architecture and a number of available Linux distributions. Personally, mine is running the Debian Squeeze. There are two models available. Model A features 256 megabytes of RAM and one USB port. Model B features an additional USB port and an Ethernet connection. What makes these boards so great is that the cost of the Model A is $25 and the Model B is $35. The low cost makes it ideal for computer and programming education.

Now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a summer programming contest for young Makers, programmers, and other curious geeklings 18 and under. The rules are simple: develop software on the Raspberry Pi that impresses the judges. There is more information available in the competition announcement. Check it out!

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