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GeekDad Daily Deal: Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle

GeekDad Daily Deal: Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle

Prep for new possibilities with the Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle: 97% off! Read More


Kickstarter Alert: UDOO Development Board

Kickstarter Alert: UDOO Development Board

The UDOO is a dual processor system featuring an ARM i.MX6 from Freescale Semiconductors and a ARM SAM3X8E from Atmel. The Atmel ARM chip is the same chip as the Arduino DUE and the UDOO board has the footprint of a DUE built right into the board, including all of the IO pins. The Freescale ARM i.MX6 is available as a dual core or a quad core and runs at 1 GHz. Read More

Turn Your Kids Into Linux Hackers At SCALE: The Next Generation

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) celebrates its tenth year with a new feature, called SCALE: The Next Generation. The free and open source community of today is reaching out to their future leaders by hosting this mini-event for kids within the larger Linux conference. Mimi Cafiero and Malakai Wade, eighth graders already with backgrounds… Read More

Video: The Story of Linux

Maybe you’ve heard of Linux but aren’t really sure what it’s all about. Or maybe you’re a kernel developer. Either way, this is a great video. For the “Lin-what?” crowd: In 1991, Linus Torvalds, a student in Helsinki, sent a now-famous email that kicked off what’s now known as the open source operating system Linux.… Read More

FUDCon Recap and How You Can Get Involved In Open Source

I spent last weekend in Tempe, Arizona, at FUDCon, the Fedora Users and Developers Conference. For the less technically adventurous among our GeekMom friends, Fedora is a distribution of Linux, the open source operating system. If you’re not familiar, you can learn more at fedoraproject.org. A BarCamp-style unconference FUDCon is an unconference, BarCamp-style. In this… Read More