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More Cool Duct Tape Projects!

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A copy of Tape It & Make MORE just arrived on my doorstep — I’m a sucker for duct tape projects, and I’ve been waiting for this follow-up book written by Richela Fabian Morgan. Her earlier book, Tape It & Make It provided full-color instructions for creating 101 items with duct tape. And now, her follow-up book offers 101 more projects. Get your duct tape rolls ready… here’s what you’re going to learn to make in this book. (Note: I’ve appended a shortened copy of my earlier review of the first book to the end of this post.)

As with the first book, this new one opens up with an Introduction chapter that provides notes and suggestions for working with duct tape. You’ll also find a section that demonstrates how to weave duct tape strips together. You’ll get a list of recommended tools along with steps on squaring up edges of tape and creating both single and double-sided layers of duct tape in larger dimensions than the width of a roll of duct tape would normally provide.

TIMM Sample 1

From this point on, the book is broken into ten chapters: Chapter 1 Accessories; Chapter 2 Housewares; Chapter 3 Cushions, Pads, Mats, and Pillows; Chapter 4 Decorative Stickers; Chapter 5 Bags and Cases; Chapter 6 Flowers, Fruit, and Plants; Chapter 7 Toys; Chapter 8 Costumes; Chapter 9 Holiday; and Chapter 10 Just for Fun. These chapters almost match the format of Tape It & Make It, but the projects are all original.

Favorites or stand-outs for me? There are plenty.  The Chapter 1 Fisherman’s Rain Hat (in bright yellow!) is awesome. Just love it. The Chapter 2 Shoe Mat made from the Diamond Plate pattern duct tape is so obvious, but I would never have thought of it. (The shoe mats at my house wear out fast, and this one with the black shoe prints across it is genius.) Keyboard wrist pillow. The Chapter 5 Tablet Case is awesome as is the Tool Bag that is high on my list to get started on. I plan on having my sons make some of the amazing flowers from Chapter 6 to give to their mom — the easy-to-follow plans are unbelievably simple and the results are stunning. Chapter 7 has some interesting Kite plans and the Holiday Card in Chapter 8 is on my To Do list for my DIYer friends.

TIMM Sample 2

I’m certain you’ll find your own favorites. It’s incredible how many projects have been provided in Tape It & Make MORE… all made from duct tape. And most of them are perfect projects for kids — the full-color instructions are detailed, and, if your child can be trusted with scissors (and maybe an X-Acto knife or sharp blade for a few special cuts), this is one of those books you could give them (along with a bag of colorful duct tape) and let them go. Younger kids will obviously need your help.

Note: I’d like to thank Lucille for providing a review copy of the book.

Note: Edited/shortened version of my previous review of Tape It & Make It below:

Tape It & Make It is a 128 page book is a full-color manual for creating 101 different items from — you guessed it — duct tape.

Tape It and Make It Cover

The book starts out with some advice on creating a work area as well as cleaning supplies that make getting up the stickiness left behind from duct tape really easy. There are recommendations for tools to use and then some great advice on using different blends of duct tape — you’ll see photos showing you how to square up (create trimmed, 90 degree edges) single-sided layers (color on one side, sticky on other) as well as creating double-sided layers (colors on both sides, not necessarily the same color), and woven patterns using two different colors/patterns of duct tape. All of these techniques are used throughout the book in one or more projects.

The projects are broken up into chapters (color-coded with different colors of duct tape used to create the edges of the pages for easier location of your favorite project types). Chapter 1, for example, provides instructions for creating Accessories — a feather, headband, ring, bracelet, fingerless gloves, belt, barrette, and more.

TIMI sample page

Chapter 2 is Housewares; Chapter 3 is Cushions, Pads, Mats, & Pillows; Chapter 4 is Decorative Stickers; Chapter 5 is Bags, Holders, & Wallets; Chapter 6 is Flowers; Chapter 7 is Toys for Kids; Chapter 8 is Costumes, Disguises & Props; Chapter 9 is Seasonal; and Chapter 10 is Miscellaneous Projects.

There are dozens and dozens of hours’ worth of projects in this book, and for kids who can be trusted with scissors (and maybe an X-Acto knife), these projects are perfect for those budding DIYers in your family. Plus, many are quite functional and designed to last.

Take a trip to the author’s blog and you can see some of her more advanced duct tape work (including some bags that will blow you away with their detail as well as their look/design).

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1 thought on “More Cool Duct Tape Projects!

  1. Can’t wait to try these out. The kids and I have made our fair share of duct tape wallets and we still have quite a few rolls of multi-colored tape sitting in the garage waiting for their turn to be part of the fun. The stickers mentioned above sound interesting.

    The other thing I’ve been doing a lot of lately is paracord bracelets/dongles/etc. I have this book: (Paracord Fusion Ties) http://www.amazon.com/Paracord-Fusion-Ties-Straps-Bundles/dp/098555780X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1375297119&sr=1-1&keywords=paracord+fusion+ties and have added the second one to my list. I made some bright colored bars to hang on the kids’ backpacks and luggage to help them stand out.

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