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Review: TCL’s XESS Tablet With Alexa Baked in Is an Acquired Taste

Review: TCL’s XESS Tablet With Alexa Baked in Is an Acquired Taste

TCL thinks your house needs a 17.3″, high definition Android tablet, with Amazon’s Alexa built in. How does it fare? Read More


Zentangles: Small But Addicting Drawing Morsels

Zentangles: Small But Addicting Drawing Morsels

I am drawing challenged. I have beautiful pictures in my head, but getting them to transfer through my hand to any kind of medium in the real world is usually laughable. My drawing skills never evolved past the fourth grade. It almost brings me physical pain to try to improve these skills. I used to doodle a bit as a kid, but I drew more abstract shapes than anything else. Not useful when trying to draw people, for example, unless you’re Pablo Picasso. Read More

You-Topia Contest

    Sitting down to sketch or paint a place you love is one of the best ways of revisiting it. That’s because getting the images on paper forces you to re-imagine the sights and sounds, making it come alive more fully in your memory. The folks at They Draw & Travel know all about this… Read More

iPad App Review: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure

  Argh, matey! Oh, I know Talk Like a Pirate Day has come and gone, but this fantastic app from Kidoodle Apps will have you and your kids celebrating all year. It was created by two parents who wanted their son to have fun playing with the latest tech gadgets while using his imagination at the same time. They… Read More

The Gift of Experience: How To Think Outside of the Wrapped Box

If your children are anything like mine, they get way too many toys for Christmas and birthdays. Their closets and shelves are bursting with items that they rarely play with or have forgotten in the chaos. Their GeekDad and I decided that rather then make wish lists for more toys that they don’t need, we… Read More