Artist Is Drawing Every H.P. Lovecraft Monster!

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Mike Bukowski Lovecraft IllustrationsMike Bukowski Lovecraft Illustrations

Image: Mike Bukowski

Artist Mike Bukowski loves H.P. Lovecraft, it appears. His website has tentacles on it. He’s had a number of art shows focused on the slippery, squamous creatures of the Cthulhu mythos. And so, last June, he began the arduous process of illustrating each and every monstrous denizen of Howard Phillips’ horror stories.

Says Bukowski:

“Since I discovered his work in highschool, I’ve been in love with H.P. Lovecraft’s writing. It’s influenced me artistically more than any other author. His cosmic nihilism and fear of all things related with the sea churn up horrid images in any reader and are almost impossible to dislodge from an artists head.”

So far, he’s done a bang-up job, which is no small task. In some cases, Lovecraft described his critters like a scientist documenting a new species. Other times, he just gives them a name. Bukowski is drawing them all.

Fair warning: while some of the pieces (the succubus and the satyr, specifically) contain nudity, most of these are safe for older kids.

Check out Yog-Blogsoth for all of his awesome illustrations, and check out Mike Bukowski’s website for lots of other great pieces.

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