Everyone Is an Artist With Osmo’s ‘Masterpiece’

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Osmo is a unique iPad accessory that places a mirror over the tablet’s camera to allow kids and parents alike to interact with one of their free apps. Whatever your hands do on the table in front of you also appears on-screen, whether you’re playing a tangram puzzle or spelling words with letter tiles.

Osmo recently released a new app, Masterpiece, that can turn anything you want into a picture to trace on the paper in front of you. Simply follow the lines you see on the screen and you’ll feel like you’re drawing like a professional in no time. Or, in my case, blissfully pretend that you’re a comic book artist drawing your favorite superhero.

There is a small learning curve with the free app; keeping an eye on the screen while your hand draws can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first. Kids can start with simple drawings included in the app, or even take the opportunity to practice handwriting.

My kindergartener was most excited to try her hand at writing cursive like the big kids. Anything that gets her excited to practice handwriting is a winner in my book.

Photo: Kelly Knox

The most engaging feature of Masterpiece is the ability to snap a picture of whatever your heart desires and see it transformed immediately into a simple line drawing.

Snapping a photo of Captain Marvel #1. Photo: Kelly Knox
Snapping a photo of Captain Marvel . Photo: Kelly Knox

Integrating the “real world” with the iPad screen is a welcome feature of Osmo, and Masterpiece takes it one step further by giving kids the chance to create a real work of art they can hold in their hands. Or, again in my case, happily butcher a lovely Captain Marvel cover by David Lopez.

Captain Marvel #1 Cover Art by David Lopez. Photo: Kelly Knox
Captain Marvel  original cover art by David Lopez, gleefully traced by Kelly Knox. Photo: Kelly Knox

Osmo for iPad is available for $79.99; companion apps are free of charge.

GeekMom previously received a promotional item for review purposes.

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